blend titles

We were asked to do the opening title sequence for the conference Blend this year! We got ambitious and even experimented a little. This piece was a true collaboration; almost everyone touched almost every shot.

Since we got so ambitious, doing over four minutes in 3D, we got creative. I got to lead the charge in using the virtual reality program Medium in order to make assets quickly and intuitively. Many of the organic details were done in this way, and we can’t wait to keep playing!


Below is a more comprehensive behind-the-scenes by the whole team at Gunner.

Directed by Gunner

Original Score & Sound Design: Ambrose Yu

Design & Illustration: Marcus Bakke, Ian Sigmon, Rachel Reid, Andy Most, James Noellert
Conceptual Illustration: Slawek Fedorczuk, James Noellert, Marcus Bakke

2D Animation: Ian Sigmon, Nick Parente, Dan Stack, Evan Kempinski

Title Animation: Jordan Scott
Cel Animation: Rachel Reid, Andy Most, Marcus Bakke

3D Animation: Doug Alberts, Marcus Bakke, Nick Forshee, John Hughes, Collin Leix, Handel Eugene, Nick Parente

3D Rigging: Chris Nelder, Nick Forshee, Marcus Bakke, Handel Eugene

3D Character Animation: Rachel Reid, Doug Ablerts, John Hughes, Marcus Bakke, Nick Forshee, Handel Eugene

3D modeling: Marcus Bakke, Nick Forshee, Billy Chitkin, Handel Eugene, Maritza Louis

VR Modeling: Collin Leix, Marcus Bakke, Nick Forshee

Compositing: Ian Sigmon, John Hughes, Collin Leix, Marcus Bakke, Nick Forshee, Andy Most

Render Wrangler: Todd Hersey

Produced By: Brandon Delis

Huge thanks to the blend crew for blending all of us together!