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Hi, I'm Collin.
I’m an illustrator & animator who loves working with forward-thinking businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to use thoughtful imagery and motion design to bring their idea to life in a memorable way.

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Collin McRae Leix was such a blessing for the Uncle Jessie White - Portrait of a Delta Blues Man in Detroit documentary. Her graphics and animations for the project were artistically creative and added such distinction. They brought a fullness to the story and both educated the audience and kept them riveted to the story. Collin did the research for the historical references of her work and it showed! Collin is more than professional and reliable. She is such a pleasure to work with and always brings a great spirit and sentiment to the project and is one of my favorite people. The project could not have been as successful without her!
— -Anne Marie Graham-Hudak, Producer, "Uncle Jessie White: A Portrait of a Delta bluesman in detroit"