The Daily Trust Fall

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 I'd like to think that I have a general trust in the world.  But that stands in stark contrast to the terror I sometimes feel when it's time to work on something just for me.  I have no hesitations when it comes to jumping on work for clients.  I can see the path clearly, and feel confident forging ahead.  But for myself, not the case.  What does that mean?  I trust other people, but do I not trust myself?

Obviously we have more at stake when we're making something generated for ourselves.  I've been describing this feeling to people for years - how I feel that 'oh shit' sense of falling when I'm moving forward with a creative project, so I finally decided it was time to make it into a looping animation. 


The most important part of this, to me, is how the ground doesn't rise up to meet her until after her weight shifts.  It happens almost imperceptibly fast, but it happens.   My hope for myself, and others reading this, is to work on training ourselves to notice that feeling, and get excited about it - it's a signpost that something good is happening.



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^Wearing sweatpants, because that's how I roll

photo by a girl in love photography

photo by a girl in love photography

Collin Leix